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Reflect on What You Read

During this Home Study Unit of Work you will be required to maintain an Academic Blog  which relates to what you are reading. Your posts should reflect a critical understanding of what you have read.

Suggestions for posts

The aim of your post should be to inform your audience about the book you are reading,   however you may also like to persuade them to read the book or to consider an issue from a   fresh point of view.

When writing your posts you may choose to explore;

  • Theme (including the messages and ideas offered by the author and, if the author supports their ideas with evidence or through character experiences).
  • Character development (including, what characters say and do, how characters react to each other and the situations they encounter)
  • Style and Form (including language use and narrative techniques e.g. use of emotive or figurative language, use of foreshadowing to build suspense, use of symbols or motifs).

Perhaps you will

  • Discuss how the book ‘draws’ a reader in – does it use suspense or sympathetic characters
  • Encourage your readers to read the book by highlighting the aspects you enjoyed most.
  • Persuade your readers to think differently about a topic you uncovered while reading  (use your book as evidence to support your ideas).

Finally you should include a post which reflects on your reading experience. Has the book ‘reached out’ to you? Do the characters and situations they encounter affect your current understanding of the world?  Have you changed any of your own perceptions as a result of reading this book?


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